A Direct-Input Triode EL34 Amplifier

The schematic shown is for the last one of these I built, for my friend Richard Tadaki.   My original prototype used a 12AX7 mu-follower as the input amp rather than the 6SL7 SRPP, and 12AU7's in the driver diff-amp rather than 6SN7's; so there will have been a few different circuit values, too.   Mine also had 5K Scott outputs, while these are the very nice 6K Audio Note TRANS-185; and the coupling caps in mine were SCR film-foils, rather than the Jensens.   Either setup works fine, this one shown sounds better; remarkable, actually, for a dirty ol' push-pull EL34 amp.

I'll be expanding this page substantially, when I have a bit of time; so if you're interested, check back.   You can also post me at poinxie@yahoo.com if you have questions, or you just want to put a foot in my pants to get some more specific information up here.
        I'll be putting up a picture of the power supply for it too, and some parts recommendations.   This is a fairly old design, about 1993; and although it has aged well sonically and from a design standpoint, there are a few things I would do a bit differently now. If you're curious, drop me a post, or check back later.